Secrets of an Innkeeper

#1 Bestseller by Ilke Lander

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at a destination winery resort? Do you ponder what it would take to be an innkeeper entrepreneur? You've picked up the right book.

In Secrets of an Innkeeper, Ilke Lander provides you with a sneak peak into the daily grind, and the years of lessons.

Compiling stories that were written over two decades in the hospitality business, she delivers the reader an insight to the vast array of guests, the colorful employees, and the amazing lessons that you learn when you are a leader in the hospitality industry.

Written in Ilke's conversational style, she shares stories about the craziness, the heartfelt people along the journey, and the vulnerable challenges she has faced.

Filled with humor, she unpacks the milestones of 20+ years of business. So, grab your coffee cup, sit back in a comfy chair, and dive into this behind-the-scenes memoir.

Lessons in Life

I just loved reading this book! I love the reality of the stories of hard work, getting ahead in life, raising "responsible humans" and the challenges of being in the hospitality business. It is book you don't want to put down!

As I read onward I gained a tremendous respect for this author and her achievements and successes in life as a business owner, a mother, a wife and a very ambitious motivated person. Just start reading and you will not want to put it down.
Ann K
Smooth flowing, easy read that keeps you engrossed

Was not sure what to expect, but it drew me in!

I'm not an avid reader but this book kept me engaged and entertained!

You can lose track of time easily as the chapters are not long and drawn out, just enough to get the point across and keeping you ready to find out about the next story.

Very informative and interesting! Highly recommend!
Amazon Customer
Secrets of a Business Mogul!

This book is a hidden gem! While I was expecting a salacious tale of business ownership, instead, I got so much more.

Secrets of an Innkeeper is a relatable read about life and relationships that is peppered with savy business advice and expertise. You'll find uplifting and motivational adviced, laced with humor and grace.

This book is full of charming stories from a business woman, wife, mother, entrepreneur and all around super woman!
Well written with wisdom, warmth and wit!

Ilke Lander draws you in as she takes you on her endearing journey of her life as an entrepreneurial innkeeper/wife/mother.

The stories she shares of her most memorable guests, I felt, were filled with humor, heart-touching moments and life lessons.

I highly recommend this book.

Sandra Kelly