Live Music Saturdays 2-6 pm    

Please be aware that this music schedule is subject to change.  If you have a favorite musician and want to check to make sure they are coming, please call us at 706-745-7483. 

We aim to provide a comfortable, intimate setting for our guests to enjoy spending time with friends outside on the patio overlooking the vineyards.  We tend to book singer songwriter solo or duo artists to play a mix of cover and original material. There is no cover charge. Bands are reserved for special events and usually include the purchase of admission tickets.  

 Music Schedule 2024

Time  / Date  / Musician
30th 2-6pm Chris Clinton 
6th 2-6pm Troy Underwood
13th 2-6pm Dr.Paul 
20th 2-6pm Gerry Herndon 
27th 2-6pm Trailer Hippies 
4th 2-6pm Scott Stambaugh 
11th 2-6pm Chris Carpenter 
18th 2-6pm Chris Clinton 
24th 2-6pm Troy Underwood 
25th 2-6pm Tom Edwards 
26th 1-5pm  Andy Johnson
1st 2-6pm Dr.Paul 
8th 2-6pm Bob Keel 
15th 2-6pm Tom Edwards 
22nd 2-6pm Scott Stambaugh 
29th 2-6pm Gerry Herndon 
4th 2-6pm Michelle Phillips | Special Concert for Independence Day
6th 2-6pm Trailer Hippies 
13th 2-6pm Chris Carpenter 
20th 2-6pm  
27th 2-6pm Troy Underwood 
3rd 2-6pm Dr.Paul 
10th 2-6pm Chris Carpenter 
17th 2-6pm Gerry Herndon 
24th 2-6pm Tom Edwards 
30th 2-6pm Andy Johnson
* 31st 11-2:30pm Troy Underwood 
* 31st 2:30-5pm 
1st 1-5pm  Andy Johnson
7th 2-6pm Chris Carpenter 
14th 2-6pm Bob Keel 
21st 2-6pm  
28th 2-6pm Trailer Hippies 
5th 2-6pm Chris Carpenter 
12th 2-6pm Dr.Paul
19th 2-6pm 
26th 2-6pm Scott Stambaugh 
31st 2-6pm Troy Underwood 
2nd 2-6pm Tom Edwards 
9th 2-6pm Chris Carpenter 
16th 2-6pm Trailer Hippies
23rd 2-6pm Dr.Paul 
29th 2-6pm 
30th 2-6pm 
14th 2-6 p.m. 
* 31st 2-6pm Chris Carpenter New Year's Bash!

*All Asteriks Musicians are Special Events that will have a Ticket Price. On those days, we will not be offering our regular tastings, glasses and bottles without paying the ticket price. Come and join us for a special time.